Hyderabad Hogathon I

After having spent 18 amazing months in Hyderabad, restaurant hopping with fellow foodies with similar appetites, there was no better occasion than the New Year, to visit them after more than a year, embracing the new year in true foodie style. Despite spending many days in planning this trip’s itinerary,none of it got confirmed until an hour before we met. This only goes on to show , “ Impromptu plans work the best !” With so many new joints to check out and so little time in hand, decided to crown my friends with the uphill task of deciding the places. This was no easy task as they had to make sure none of the 100-120 restaurants (This number is what I visited in just my last 6 months 😉 ), repeated.

TThis particular trip began with me getting picked up from the station and a piping hot Irani Tea to sip on a cold wintery morning. Given an option of having chai anywhere in the city my first choice would naturally be Blue Sea close to Secunderabad Station. Off we went and had one Golden Chai in the refurbished Blue Sea which was still in construction the last time I was in Hyd.

2015-12-31 08.36.21 HDR
Golden and Regular Chai


From there, we decided to indulge in Mutton Kheema with Tandoori Roti. Since I have had this already at Alpha earlier, we decided to try this out from Paradise this time.Though priced higher than Alpha, presentation and taste could not match up to the standards Alpha has set.


After not so heavy, not so light Hyderabadi breakfast, it was difficult  zeroing in on places for lunch . After considering places from alpha and omega of the city, we finally decided to lunch at MaaOoru Biryani, Kondapur. Apparently these guys had vetted their KPHB outlet a week earlier, and hence this visit was deemed worthy. It was 2 pm and the place was bustling with office crowd. They fashioned a table for us after a bit and we sat down to be greeted by their pretty limited menu. Set against a village backdrop, food was served on banana leaves keeping in line with the atmosphere. For starters we had Mutton Chukka which was very good and Chicken Kebab which was slightly under cooked. For main course, we had both mutton and chicken biryani. The biryani was served in Dhunia and rice was seeraga samba, rarely available in this part of South India. It is a kannada style biryani where the rice is cooked separately and meat is mixed in later. While the biryani was on the spicier side , the raita was a bit too watery.


After lunch decided to hit the famous Falooda guy near the Kondapur Signal. Had the Special Kesar Pista Falooda which is pretty decently priced at 60 bucks. AFAIK only Sec Bad Paradise serves awesome falooda at this price range.


With this heavy lunch done, we decided to cool off till the evening festivities kicked off. We dropped by Spicy Venue to while away some time. Despite my conscious part of the mind resisting a repetition of the places, Apricot Delight at Spicy Venue broke the resistance. Apricot delight , IMO is the best Indian dessert you get in Hyd. With an extra helping of cream, it is the most sinful dessert around. Around 7 they started prepping the Tandoor and the aroma of Chicken absolutely tortured me. So after resisting for a while, we gave in and gorged on delicious Tandoori Chicken before heading off for the New Year’s Eve party ,where I had another full chicken. A very ful-filling day if you may 😉

Tandoori Chicken


With a spicy new year’s eve, we decided to skip the breakfast the next day . We had earlier decided to check out Spice 6 for lunch on 1st and we got there by 2pm. It all started with Fatoush, an Arabian salad and Shawarmas which were pretty good. The item we were really here for was the Kabsa Laham. Mutton was served on top of the flavorful rice along with tomato based gravy. The meat was so succulent that it just slipped off the bone, when I touched it. It was cooked to perfection and tasted soooo good. I took a liking to the tomato puree which went very well with the rice. Probably the only thing missing were some cashews and raisins in the rice.

Kabsa Laham

For desserts, tried out Kunafa ,an Arabic version of Cheesecake with some shredded coconut on top. Tasted good ,but close to 200 per piece not sure if it’s really worth trying again.

2016-01-01 14.56.05 HDR

We actually wanted to have more desserts at the newly opened Mamagoto, but found it too crowded so ditched it and decided to head to Yosta for some…..

Getting till here might have kindled your appetite. Go get your fix. We will cover the rest in the next part. 😛


Directions for the places mentioned in the post

Blue Sea – Opposite Bus Stop, St Johns Road, Regimental Bazaar,Railway Station Road, Secunderabad

Paradise – SD Road, Paradise Circle, Secunderabad

Maa Ooru Biryani – 1-63/16, Near Kothaguda Cross Roads, Kondapur, Hyderabad

Falooda : Outside Food Inn – 2-25/A, Opposite Apollo Clinic, Kothaguda Cross Road, Kondapur, Hyderabad


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