Ashvita Bistro

A serene tranquility tucked away from the hustle and bustle of routine life is exactly what Ashvita Bistro offers. I had been wanting to sample their fare for ages but loads of mixed reviews kept me at bay. Finally a reviewer whose palate I trust posted a very glowing review and I was ready to delve right in at the first opportunity. Opportunity arose in the form of friends wanting to try someplace new for Sunday lunch.



Located adjacent to the very busy TTK road, it can be found very easily in case you are using Google Maps. They also have a cool store called “Ashvita living “ which has some interesting fare.  The beautiful display of the potted plants everywhere grabbed my attention.

2016-01-10 11.16.32

With my curiosity gripping in, I learnt that they grow around 24 different types of flowers there. As you pass by such scenic display at the entrance, you also see them sporting a board displaying that they make mock meats. Now that’s something interesting to ponder. The door leading to the restaurant had very interesting carvings which were akin to the work one would find in temples.


Contrasting to a pretty spacious and bowery outdoor seating, the Indoor seating is a smaller. From a huge bookshelf with various genres on offer for book lovers to board games, they truly know how to have their customer’s eyes glued on. One thing pretty evident is, there has been a lot of attention to detail and they score pretty highly on terms of ambiance.



As we seated ourselves for our brunch, we started off  with Fresh Juice where in you get to choose from either Watermelon or Muskmelon. I chose the Watermelon which was pretty good.

We have been told that the English Breakfast would be served together on a plate. The platter brought in a Sandwich, Sausage, Omelette, Sauteed veggies , Pancake, baked beans, Chicken Momo, Hash Brown and Mashed potato.


Sandwich was a brown bread-veg grilled sandwich which was pretty good. Sauteed Veggies were decent. Pancake was very cold and rubbery. We got a far better one, upon our request for a fresh one.

Omelette was to be served on order. With three varieties to choose from, I wanted to give everything a try  and had asked for one of each . Unlike the names, Mushroom, Masala and Cheese Omelettes, all  looked almost the same and tasted the same!  The person serving us said he will check with the chef but I heard nothing on that issue during the rest of my meal.

Baked beans were too sweet. Hash browns were cold and had gotten hard. Mashed Potato was mediocre. Chicken Momos were heavy on the oil, the filling was dominated by diced tomato and almost no chicken in them.

Sausage was very bland and probably the palest one I have ever seen. Seemed like the frozen kind which you find in supermarkets. Probably the only hit in the breakfast was the bacon, which was served separately on a plate.

2016-01-10 12.08.29 HDR
Delicious Bacon bits

Couple of my friends came in late and they got separate platters on which a few items were actually missing. When we brought it to the staff’s attention, they brought out a few of things separately, which were mostly better than what we got on our platter. Might be cause they were prepared fresh and served hot/warm.

With not so good experience with the breakfast, we were hoping at this point for a really good main course at the least. For the mains we were told we could either pick a Pasta or Chinese. After reading my friends review, I was under the assumption that we could have both. Anyway opted for Pasta with just one guy picking a rice and gravy combo. With regards to pasta, the staff were unsure as to what meat were on offer , before checking with the chef that we actually had NO choice on this matter. They apparently serve only veg pasta and meat in this is not part of the brunch.

We ordered both the White sauce and Arrabbiata sauce pastas. White sauce was made a bit creamy with bell peppers, olives and jalapenos. This one thankfully passed the muster but the Arrabbiata was a disaster. It tasted very sour to the point of being inedible. We had to ask them to replace them with white sauce pastas in the end. That being said, my friend liked the Chicken rice and gravy enough to not pass any comments about it.


After an okayish main course experience, we hoped to sweeten it up with the only dessert option in the menu, the chocolate cake. Sprinkled with choco chips and oozing with chocolate sauce, it perfectly exemplified, “All that glitters is not gold”. Very very low on the sweet quotient, the cake was bordering on being bland. The sauce was the only thing which made me take a few cursory bites. One more change from my friend’s earlier visit was that, apparently they stopped serving Tea/Coffee as part of the meal.


Their Service was pretty slow which is understandable for a Sunday brunch. It took a while for them to start us up. But the staff seem to be very unsure of what is available and what is not. They couldn’t answer most of our queries without checking in with the chef or the kitchen which kinda got tiring after a while. It brought us to the conclusion that either customers here generally don’t ask any questions or the staff were new. If the latter is true, hope they get trained better.

At 350 plus taxes the fare is worth it, with the ambience being the major draw. It is indeed one of the most affordable Sunday brunch  in the city but they have to pull their socks up at the food front.

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