Connaught Place and Dilli Haat

We split our food itinerary into two parts in Delhi. One was Jama Masjid and the rest was dominated by the posh Connaught Place along with a seasoning of Dilli Haat. You can read all about the wonderful kebabs on offer at Jama Masjid in Part 1.

After a rather heavy dinner at Jama Masjid, we headed off to Connaught Place via Metro. My friend who resides here took us to a shop which he said serves kickass milkshakes. Only after we got there did I realize it was Keventers which is now called Shake Square. It is one of the most well known in CP. Dinner at one legendary place and desserts at another. We were on a roll 😀 . It’s a kiosk so no place to sit . Afternoons and evenings attract quite a crowd which makes the waiting time longer. Not a very expansive menu but whatever’s on it was good.

I tried the butterscotch and chocolate milkshakes without ice cream and strawberry with ice cream on another visit. Butterscotch was very good while the chocolate was passable.  In strawberry shake with ice cream, I noticed they had put a big chunk of ice cream so I was trying to dig my way down the ice cream for a while. When I eventually got to the bottom, I was surprised by loads of cashews. Struggled to finish it but it’s these kinda struggles I hope life throws at me. 😛 Milkshake without ice priced at around 40-60 while the ones with were 100-120.

After finishing that wonderful Nihari at Karim’s ,we headed to a place called Dilli Haat. Got to the INA Metro Station and after going off in the wrong direction, we finally realized this place is located next to the petrol bunk . Dilli Haat is similar to a village market but what makes it special is that it consists of products from almost every state in the nation. Our interest here is that in addition to crafts there are food stalls run by their respective state tourisms departments. So one can be assured of their authenticity.

The variety of food is huge right from dosa stalls of Tamil Nadu, Momos from Arunachal, Pork from Nagaland and many other outlets. The kid in a candy store analogy would have apt for us. Sadly it was just two of us and what we could eat was very limited so trying out everything was out of the window.


2016-02-26 13.59.50
Fruit Beer from Momo Mia



We started with the Arunachal Pradesh stall called Momo Mia, where we ordered their Fruit beer and a plate of Steamed Pork Momos. Fruit beer was just syrup and soda but was refreshing in the afternoon heat. Momos were served with the red chutney which was pretty spicy. The filling could have been more. The taste was good. 8 pieces per plate. 190 bucks were the cost for momo plus the drink.


After this, we moved on to the Nagaland Stall which was pretty grand. Quite empty due to it being a weekday afternoon. We ordered the Pork Chops which was on our to try the list here. It was overdone, chewy and very bland. After a bit of a struggle, we gave up on finishing it. Very anti-climatic in the end 😦 Pork Chops was 380 bucks which were not at all money spent well.

2016-02-26 14.34.56

2016-02-26 14.34.28


We lost our appetite to explore further so decided to end things with a tea from the Assam Stall. Took a long while for them to make it. When it did come, I realized the wait was worth it. The flavor, the taste everything was top notch. This wonderful concoction cost only 20 bucks.

2016-02-26 15.20.31
Assam Tea



After a bit more of roaming around, we found ourselves in CP in the late evening and decided to try out a few of their watering holes. First, on our list was Warehouse Cafe. We asked to be seated on the terrace overlooking the busy street below. Reminded us of the German brewery we visited in Hanoi which was similarly located. Anyway along with a few cold ones, we ordered Cheese Nachos. Quantity was surprisingly good. Not the gourmet quantity that you come to expect from such establishments. Salsa and Sour cream dips were very very good. Shredded chicken on top of crisp nachos loaded with molten cheese. A very good appetizer. Think that was priced at 350++. Worth it.

2016-02-26 19.51.03
Chicken Nachos



After being turned away by a few packed pubs, we ended up at Monkey Bar. A quaint little place which had live music on the night in question. We settled in ordered a pitcher and my friend ordered a Chicken Kebab. Finely minced meat served with a Chappati, onions and mint chutney. Tasted good enough. Another dish in the 300-350+ bracket.

2016-02-26 22.36.28


While there we decided to try some place nearby for dinner and my cousins suggested the legendary Khan Chacha. By now it was close to 10:20 and we called them up to find out till when they will be open. They agreed to take our order over the phone provided we got there before 10:40. After finishing up quickly at Monkey bar, we rushed to Khan Chacha. Got there by 10:45 and after a brief tussle with the security, we finally got in. While waiting after we paid for our earlier placed order, we noticed an array of pics on the walls depicting the presence of celebrities who have visited Khan Chacha. The list included a lot of cricketers including the likes of Dhoni, Kohli and many film stars as well.


We got Chicken Hariyali Tikka, Chicken Tikka roll and a Paneer Tikka roll. Hariyali was done very well. Their chutney was to die for. So thick, creamy and absolutely delicious. I wish we had more time to savor it properly instead in this hurried fashion. Tikka rolls were pretty good. Big chunky pieces and quite filling. Chicken one was much better than the blander Paneer roll. Right outside Khan Chacha was the Pan Shop guy who is infamous for his chuski pan. Betel leaf stuffed with crushed ice and a tinge of rose syrup. The highlight is that the paan wala after preparing it feeds you the pan himself. The ice will surely cause brain freeze. Quite a fun experience indeed.


That was the last of my food outings in Delhi in those 3 days.Chandni Chowk was unfortunately totally untouched. Supposed to have a lot of wonderful spots.  A lot more left in the bookmark as well. Will require a couple of more trips for me to left content about the food exploration part of Delhi. Oh and those Kebabs from Qureshi <3. Who can forget those in a hurry? Until next time then 😀


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