Bombay Brasserie

Bombay Brasserie is one of the highly reputed restaurants in the town known for its quality of food and ambiance. I have already paid a couple of visits earlier and recently visited them when my cousins were in town for vacation. The choice of restaurant was left to them and after hearing glowing reviews about this place, they were hell bent on checking it out.

Located in College lane, Nungambakkam right next to The Marina, finding this place is not very hard. Parking is plentiful and they also provide Valet parking so we don’t need to worry about that. We had already made reservations for dinner and my cousin picked this location over the Adyar one solely for the Glass Greenhouse kinda setting.

There is a small waiting area outside amid a lot of plants. The foyer led to the staff who seated us bang in the middle of the glass box. There is seating both on the ground floor and on the first floor. Having earlier dined in the first floor, I very much prefer the ground floor. There is seating near the open kitchen from where you can view your dishes getting prepped. The unique glass box has standing air coolers handy to negate the heat which kinda goes hand in hand with Chennai.

The menu was quite elaborate and on that night in question majority were sadly vegetarians so I had to settle for a lot of greenery 😦


Gunpowder Potato – This dish was highly recommended to my cousins by her friends and she was pretty curious about it. But sadly the gunpowder-covered baby potatoes was a dud. The masala didn’t quite tickle the taste buds.


Gunpowder Potato


Lucknowi Paraath Paneer – I have had this earlier and this was quite clearly one of their better dishes. We had ordered 2 plates as one portion only contains 4 pieces. The Paneer was chunky, soft and clearly well marinated. The mint chutney served with it was heavenly.

Stuffed Mushrooms – Mushrooms stuffed with Pahadi masala which originates from the hills of Himachal, served with chili cheese sauce. Another which didn’t impress us.


Stuffed Mushroom


Murg Soola Kebab – Chicken Kebabs which was as impressive in taste as it was in the presentation. It looked mouthwatering and pretty spicy as well. Accompanied by delicious mint chutney, it was something we all liked.


Murg Soola Kebab


Galawati Kebab – Having been here before, this was the only dish I ordered again. Kebab worthy of a toothless nawab is how it’s advertised and they are right 100%. It was so fine that we had to use a spoon to move the kebab to our plate. This mutton kebab was just wonderful.


Galawati Kebab


Main Course

Dakshini Mushroom – This gravy passed muster. The mushroom was pretty delicious.

Paneer Sirka Piyaz – This sweetish gravy contained Paneer cubes along with vinegar marinated small onions. Was pretty decent but nothing to write home about.

Salli Chicken – This is a Parsi style dish. Tomato based gravy with boneless chunks of Chicken topped off with fried potato sticks. More on the sweeter side due to the tomato base. The chicken was soft and delicious.

Bread – The breads were uniquely served on a winnowing basket which is commonly used in almost every household for drying grains. We ordered Amritsar Aloo Kulcha, Lasooni Naan and Chilli Cheese Kulcha. All of them were pretty good with Chilli Cheese being the best of the lot.


The staff was very polite, were happy to recommend dishes according to the customer’s palette and service was very prompt for most of the evening. They left us alone once the dishes were on the table and reappeared when something was required. This is quite a skill in the service industry.

Pricing is certainly on the higher side. Usually a meal for two would cost something about 1500. A combination of big group, light eaters and vegetarians on the day brought the bill down to 4300 for 8 of us.

Bombay Brasserie is the kinda place where you are assured of more hits than misses. That said this time I encountered more misses than all of my previous visits. I will put it down to ordering too much vegetarian 😛 Until next time and the next big occasion.

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