Thambi Villas

There was a scheduled shopping session at T Nagar and instead of going to one of my usual joints, I wanted to try something new. That’s when I stumbled upon Thambi Villas, a Tanjore based restaurant. Rather interesting considering there is not much competition in terms of quality south Indian non-veg restaurants.

Located on Bazullah road, which is parallel to the impressive Junior Kuppanna. Thought that came to my mind was these guys have to be pretty good if they hope to snag customers away from Kuppanna. No sign of valet but parking shouldn’t pose much of a problem.

The restaurant rides heavily on nostalgia when it comes to ambiance. A blast from the past for the older patrons and sneak into how things were done back in the day for the next gen. Yesteryear pictures adorn the wall, spun chairs, a gramophone in the corner, old school switches are all a throwback to days past.

We showed up by around 2:30 and the restaurant was partially filled. They had seating at both ground level and an air conditioned first level. Sadly they had run out of biryani by then so we had to stick to rice and parottas. Ordered a couple of non-veg meals along with Chicken Salna Parotta and Mutton Kothu Parotta. We jumped on it when we learned Mutton Kola Urundai was available especially since it wasn’t listed on the menu.

Mutton Kola Urundai – It was delicious but just had too much oil for my liking.

2017-02-12 15.09.36

Chicken Salna Parotta arrived soon enough. Parotta marinated in Chicken Salna was very soft and tasted pretty good. Gobbled it up in a jiffy.

2017-02-12 15.07.45

Mutton Kothu Parotta was decent. Couldn’t find a lot of meat. Another plate of parotta was ordered and arrived but the meals we ordered first up failed to show up. After frequent reminders they served the gravy and curries but no sign of rice.

2017-02-12 15.11.07

By then I noticed the whole floor was waiting on rice. Clearly shows bad planning on the staff part. After a wait of 20 mins or so the rice freshly boiled was finally served. Mutton meals consisted of one teeny tiny gravy for namesake which only consisted of one bone. We sent it back for a replacement and nothing showed up. Mutton Chukka though arrived long before the meals showed up and were quite good. We almost finished it by the time rice was served.

I ordered a Masala kalaki and Normal kalaki. Masala Kalaki had an abundance of onion which actually wasn’t all that good. Normal one was pretty OK. We ordered another one for my dad but after 20 mins of not showing up we called them over to check only to discover they seem to have forgotten it. We canceled it and moved onto dessert. Just wanted to try the Goli Soda since it’s virtually not available on any of the stores in the city. That’s when they showed us the dedicated menu for Paan alone. Also had noticed the Paan kiosk outside. After going through the menu ordered a Rasmalai Paan. Frozen, very sweet and it was quite a mouthful. Also grabbed a few Thaen Mittai’s from the counter near the entrance. Always been crazy about them 😀

Service was a huge huge minus. Making the whole restaurant wait for 20 mins or so since they ran out of rice is ridiculous. They really need to gauge these things much better unless they don’t mind pissing off customers. They didn’t clear the table for a long time. There was a delay in taking orders as well and they forgot to serve as well. All in all a total mess up with regards to service.

The bill for all these came up to around 900 which seemed quite reasonable. They deliver on ambiance, fall short on food and were woeful in terms of service. Worth another shot if they clean up good.

Thambi Vilas Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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