Courtrallam Border Rahmath Kadai

One of my vivid memories during college days was being taken to this parotta shop set up in a shed kinda setting during our visit to Courtallam. The city boys including yours truly were left flabbergasted at the way things were done in this huge establishment. People carrying plates filled to the brim with Chicken legs, Parottas, Omelettes were scurrying past tables distributing the contents all over the floor to hungry patrons. The rush we witnessed was maddening and we were told this is their norm. The meal was delicious and that memory is still fresh as if it was yesterday. We were told the name of that place was border kadai.

So on the back of that story imagine my delight when they opened a branch in T Nagar. Amidst a lot of fanfare, they ran to packed houses and a lot of criticism mainly stemming from the fact that they couldn’t serve the customers fast enough. Once they stabilized with respect to managing the crowd, quality slowly went up.

Located In the bustling T Nagar area on the GN Chetty road, quite easy to locate. Valet parking is present so you can breathe a sigh of relief as finding a parking spot in T Nagar is a huge headache. The restaurant has floors with the first level being air conditioned. The place was still filling up since it was only 7:30. Banana leafs was promptly placed and a very helpful guy took our order after suggesting a few dishes himself.  



We first start off with Parotta and Salna Parotta which is nothing but parotta marinated in chicken salna for a few hours. It was served in a bowl overflowing with salna and my god the parotta was heavenly. It literally melted in our mouth. Regular Parottas were extremely soft. Salna as usual was kickass. Gun Chicken was pretty good though the amount of meat was pretty scant. Veechu Parotta and Kothu parottas were also pretty good since it was right up their alley. Maybe experimenting with the biryani here was not a great idea but hey when you are with a gang gotta try everything. 





Karandi Omelette, Ding Dong Eggs and Masala Kalakis were other Egg based dish we tried out. Service was pretty quick and the person serving us was very helpful in suggesting items.Bill was a bit more than 1200 for 4 of us. Pretty decent considering the amount of food we had.

They had a reputation to build on and judging by how they have improved with respect to serving an ever-increasing city crowd, gotta say they are succeeding. Building on the success of their T Nagar branch, they have now opened a branch on OMR and another in Tambaram.

Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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